Snake Babe


SnakeBabe 1 hour $750.00,- $950.00 – $1.250.00

She is every sexual fantasy come to life in that she is funny, talented and drop dead gorgeous! Women and men both love her sexy website ( which receives tens of thousands of hits per month. Now you can have this star of television and Las Vegas at your party!

The SnakeBabe?s magic is great entertainment for bachelor and Bachelorette parties because it offers naughty fun, even the soon-to-be spouse would approve of.

Here is how her one-hour show can work for you?

Maria?s assistants will need access to the room a few minutes prior to her arrival to ?Set? her stage area. This can be any spot in the room or club in which there is clear view for all as they sit on chairs, sofas, beds etc.?

Dressed in show costumes that are as sexy as the law allows Maria starts the hour greeting at the entrance to your event with the smallest and almost cutest of her little snakes, a Royal python. After all have arrived the show begins. Along with her assistant Maria takes to the ?Stage? to perform her In-Famous card trick ?Ashes to Asses.? This outrageous magic trick has the man of the hour pick a card. Maria burns it to ashes. The bachelor himself then rubs the ashes on Maria?s bare ASS! The card (ace or 2 or jack queen king etc?) magically appears in the ashes smeared on Maria?s beautiful butt cheek!

(This is approx. 15-20 minutes long)

Following the show our staff photographer and Maria the SnakeBabe invite all the guests to have their photos taken with Maria and her snake. Photos will be sent to you after the event via email..

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